Pacific Bark Blowers Precision


Why Blow It?

Pacific Bark Blowers saves you money, time and inconvenience. Uniform and precise application of mulches and soil by our expert crews reduces waste and minimizes cost.  Jobs that used to take days are now done in hours.  And when you have an impossible deadline, Pacific Bark Blowers can commit several trucks to get it done on time. When sites are occupied, installation is scheduled to minimise inconvenience to residents and businesses. 

Properties look better, too. Products applied by blowing have a special finished look that makes landscapes look terrific. No need to rake. Blower-trucks can “colourise” with just 1” of mulch to inexpensively spruce up properties for about 1/3 the cost of a regular 3” installation.

Pacific Bark Blowers can help you or your landscaper keep your gardens weed-free in an ecologically sustainable way. Many jurisdictions have banned pesticides. We install bark mulch in weeded beds to control weeds naturally, which saves you time and money.